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Episode Archive

139 episodes of Cloud Talk since the first episode, which aired on May 18th, 2020.

  • Episode 148: The Road to re:Invent - Unveiling the Secrets to Innovation and Maximizing Your AWS Experience

    September 29th, 2023  |  Season 4  |  31 mins 52 secs
    aws, cloud, rackspace, reinvent, transformation

    ReInvent is AWS' premier conference and it's right around the corner. In this episode, we will unpack everything you can do to get the most out of the event as well as what's been going on over at Job Target.

  • Episode 147: VMWare Explore 2023 Announcements

    August 25th, 2023  |  Season 4  |  7 mins 9 secs
    ai, cloud, private cloud, sddc
  • Episode 146: VMWare and … Google! Learning about this winning pair

    August 22nd, 2023  |  Season 4  |  35 mins 26 secs
    cloud migration, google cloud, vmware
  • Episode 145: Tech Trailblazing: AI, Empowerment and Innovation

    August 22nd, 2023  |  Season 4  |  35 mins 26 secs
    ai, cloud talk, innovation

    Cloud Talk Live with Rebecca Potts from Google.

  • Episode 144: Changes in the Cloud Market and AI Impact

    August 9th, 2023  |  Season 4  |  34 mins 8 secs
    ai, cloud, cloud transformation, telarus, transformation

    Join Jeff DeVerter, host of #CloudTalkLive, in an insightful conversation with Koby Phillips, the VP of Cloud Practice at Telarus! Discover the latest trends in the cloud market and how AI is revolutionizing transformation journeys for everyone. Don't miss the chance to learn from Koby's expertise and insights on effectively leveraging cloud and AI for your business success.

  • Episode 143: Smart Technologies and Cloud Computing for a Greener Future

    August 3rd, 2023  |  Season 4  |  30 mins 6 secs
    cloudcomputing, cloudtalk, greenit, itfootprint, itlifecycle, smarttech, sustainableit

    In this episode of Cloud Talk, Jeff DeVerter and Srinivas Koushik discuss sustainability in the context of IT. They explore how IT affects and is affected by environmental and social issues, and how to make IT more sustainable with smart technologies and cloud computing. They also share some best practices and solutions for implementing a sustainable IT strategy.

  • Episode 142: Partnering for AI Success with Rob Harper, Google Channel Sales Exec

    August 1st, 2023  |  Season 4  |  34 mins 58 secs
    ai, aiadventures, cloud, cloudtalklive, sneakerheadtechie

    Welcome to Cloud Talk Live with Jeff DeVerter! This week, we have a special guest: Rob Harper, the AI aficionado and Google's Channel Sales Exec for North America!

  • Episode 141: A Conversation with Brian Lillie: From Air Force to Cloud Force

    July 27th, 2023  |  Season 4  |  1 hr 1 min
    career, cloud, goals, leadership, private-cloud, rackspace

    In this episode of Cloud Talk Podcast, Jeff DeVerter talks to Brian Lillie, the President of Private Cloud at Rackspace Technology, about his amazing career journey and his “compass” with the four values that guide his decisions. Learn how Brian navigates the cloud world with his compass and how you can find your own.

  • Episode 140: How to Future-Proof Your Business with AI: A Conversation with Robert Scoble

    July 25th, 2023  |  Season 4  |  32 mins 1 sec
    ai, artificial intelligence, business, cloud talk live, innovation, jeff deverter, linkedin live, robert scoble

    Learn how to leverage AI in your business and future-proof your growth with Robert Scoble, a tech journalist and author of The Infinite Retina, and Jeff DeVerter, host of Cloud Talk Live. They will share their insights and experiences with AI, answer your questions live, and help you discover new opportunities with AI.

  • Episode 139: Unleash the Power of the Cloud: Join the Solve Cloud Transformation Summit with Jeff DeVerter

    July 20th, 2023  |  Season 4  |  1 hr 3 mins
    #cloudsummit #datamigration #cloudtransformation

    If you weren't able to watch the Q2 Solve Summit live, we have you covered! Here's the "Solve Cloud Transformation Summit" with Jeff DeVerter, our Chief Technology Evangelist, for an epic cloud adventure. Laugh, learn, and optimize your data migration to the cloud. Watch the hour-long livestream on LinkedIn Live with our expert panel from Rackspace Technology and Amazon Web Services.

  • Episode 138: Revolutionize Your Business: Embrace Full Stack Observability

    July 18th, 2023  |  Season 4  |  36 mins 26 secs
    appdynamics, business-objectives, cloudtalklive, it-business-alignment, observability, real-time-monitoring, transformation

    Experience a game-changing transformation for your business with full-stack observability!

  • Rising to the Challenge: Success Stories of Senior Leaders at Rackspace

    July 13th, 2023  |  Season 4  |  54 mins 26 secs
    career advancement, career advice, career growth, cloud talk podcast, cloud technology, continuous learning, entry-level to leadership, formal education, hands-on experience, industry insights, inspiration, jeff deverter, josh prewett, leadership roles, new employees, personal growth, professional development, professional growth, rackspace, seizing opportunities, senior leaders, standing out, success stories, tech industry, travis runty, visibility, workplace success

    Join host Jeff DeVerter in the inspiring "Cloud Talk" episode as he interviews senior leaders Josh Prewitt and Travis Runty from Rackspace. They share their incredible journeys, starting from entry-level positions and rising to influential leadership roles, offering insights into what they look for in new employees and valuable advice for the next generation of professionals. Discover how they overcame challenges, made themselves noticed, and succeeded without relying solely on formal education in the dynamic world of cloud technology.

  • Episode 136: Evolving your data operating model for the Generative AI world

    July 11th, 2023  |  Season 4  |  36 mins 17 secs
    cloudinnovationjourney, competitiveedgeadvantage, datastrategysuccess, datavaluecreation, stayaheadwithdatamanagement

    CDOs must establish a robust data strategy for a competitive edge. Join Rackspace Technology's #CloudTalkLive with Microsoft's Jubair Patel and Racker Shwetank Sheel to learn how a well-defined data operating model improves literacy, drives innovation, and creates value. Discover successful data product development and operational efficiency improvements. Stay ahead in data management.

  • Episode 135: Successful Cloud Blueprint

    July 5th, 2023  |  Season 4  |  42 mins 35 secs
    career journey, celebration, clear goals, cloud industry, cloud technology, cloud technology leadership, collaboration, collective achievement, dk sinha, educational background, high-performing teams, individual growth, innovation, jeff deverter, leadership, open communication, professional development, psychological safety, resources, shared vision, success blueprint podcast, success strategies., successful cloud blueprint, team building, trust, unity, workplace culture

    DK Sinha has had a multi-decades-long career where he has had the opportunity to build teams of all sizes at to annual revenue measured in the billions. In this episode, DK shares the secret to successful teams and the opportunities we all have in this multi-cloud world.

  • Episode 134: Cloud Modernization with Mark Oreta of Job Target

    May 23rd, 2023  |  Season 4  |  42 mins 18 secs
    adapt, change, cloud, competitive, data, future, infrastructure, management, technology

    Host Jeff DeVerter is joined by Mark Oreta, Chief Technology Officer at JobTarget.

  • Episode 133: Exploring the Benefits & Challenges of Value-Based Care in the Digital Age

    April 11th, 2023  |  Season 4  |  28 mins 20 secs
    adapt, change, cloud, competitive, data, future, infrastructure, management, technology

    Join Jeff DeVerter as he, Josh Stern, and Vinesh Kolpe dissect how technology can enable remote patient monitoring, preventative medicine, and a true value-based care model in the United States.